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New Technique Transport Scale srl offers handling solutions for over 30 years.
Since 1982 Nuova Tecnica provides the best equipment in Material Handling Solutions. Our mission is to minimizing the fatigue and maximizing efficiency and productivity. Nuova Tecnica is ISO 9001 Certified Company.

our products

sistemi di sollevamento e trasporto gks-perfekt: sollevatori idraulici, rulliere per il trasporto, carrelli girevoli

Lifting and Moving Systems Gks-Perfekt

The Original – in highest Quality. For more than 40 years on the Market. Worldwide.

spingitore elettrico motorizzato fino a 30 tonnellate


Up to 30 t. It works on the principle "lever arm" and "traction". It can be used in place of a forklift truck for towing and push trolleys passive and can move loads.

Easy Mover pneumatici o a batteria: spingere carichi pesanti

EasyMover pneumatic air compressed models.

EasyMover is a pneumatic system to move the round load and load on the track until 100 tons.

carrelli saliscale

Carrelli Saliscale: leggeri, agili, pratici e sicuri.

Choose trolley system SalvaSchiena & trade; and the wheels Anti-Fingerprint.

ruote di livellamento, ruote ammortizzatrici e le nuove ruote ad alta portata fino a 8000 Kg

Industrial wheels: the wheels that carry out the work.

The industrial wheels are extraordinary evolution that arises from the use of innovative materials with very high quality. Leveling wheels, wheel dampers and new wheels with high capacity.

Cuscini ad aria per il sollevamento: elevata capacità di sollevamento, antideflagrante, semplicitò utilizzo

Air cushions for lifting

High lifting, explosion and simplicity: applications for industry, Railways, Road Rescue, Fire Brigade, Mines, Army, Civil Engineers, installation and dismantling machine tools.

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