spingi bobina pneumatici ad aria

Pneumatic air compressed models

Movement of goods up to 50 tons


moves round material

spingitori pneumatici
EasyMover pneumatic air compressed. It moves round material with a diameter at least 60 cm
spingitori pneumatici

Push & Pullers

frame vehicle on caster and track

spingitori a batteria
Moving of machinery, chassis of truck and bus, device on wheels or seams.
spingitori pneumatici

P&P Lifter

For special aplications

spingitori a batteria
Move fixtures, machines and wagons. Equipped with pneumatic vertical adjustable coupling
spingitori pneumatici
spostare carichi senza fatica, spintore pneumatico

Advantages of Easy Mover

Move load without stress and risk

Silent and reliable

Till 100 ton

Safe and easy to use

Light and adaptable

Battery and pneumatic


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