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Frequently asked questions

What can I push with the electric pusher?

The electric pusher solves all the problems related to the handling of heavy goods in indoor and outdoor areas. A single person is able to safely manage the movement of large finished machinery, parts of production lines, vehicles and so on.

What problems does the electric pusher solve?

The electric pusher improves transport safety and the danger associated with the use of electric forklifts and motors. The object is agile to maneuver to move, and easy to load onto a car.

Can I order the electric pusher directly from Nuova Tecnica srl?

Of course, the electric pusher can be ordered directly from New Technique: contact us for information regarding estimates and orders.

The warranty on the models?

Assistance and AfterMarket - Nuova Tecnica supports complete after-sales assistance on the unit. Industrial / Commercial Warranty - 12 months.

The best equipment in Material Handling Solutions.

Our mission is to minimizing the fatigue and maximizing efficiency and productivity.
Nuova Tecnica is ISO 9001 Certified Company.


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